Selecting a dropdownlist by text using Jquery filter() API

It is a small issue i came across recently.  I was using a dropdownlist in asp.Net mvc which was populated using $.ajax call. I need to select the item in dropdownlist if  it’s text is “SearchText”.

It seems simple using Contains  API from Jquery. but if the text is not available in the data source it throws javascript exception when we try to select the item.

There is an easy way of doing the check and selecting the text in dropdownlist.

.Filter() – Jquery API

$('#MyList option').filter(function() {

return ($(this).text() == searchText);

}).attr('selected', 'selected');

Here, For each item the text will be compared and returned true only when an exact match is found. if  searchText is empty also it will not throw any exception while setting the attribute.

Code really seems very easy and handy. This anonymous method syntax is nothing new to C# developers.

I hope its useful!


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  1. Good post Praveen!. Simple and elegant solution.

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