Juice UI library – Jquery UI controls as server side Asp.Net WebForm controls

Since Asp.net MVC has been launched and the way Microsoft is promoting MVC, every web form developer have this doubt whether webforms will survive. In Microsoft Tech Ed 2012 held in Bangalore  recently Microsoft denied all the rumors and showcased lot of improvements in Asp.Net 4.5 which are available in MVC by default. like Model Binding and UnObtrusive validation and lot more. Coming to the point now 🙂

There are lot of groups who are working on web forms improvements and JuiceUI is one of those groups.

Juice UI is an open-source collection of WebForms components that brings jQuery UI Widgets to your project with ease.

Before i start further i would mention that JuiceUI library supports only .Net framework 4.0 onward.

It provides all jquery UI controls like DatePicker, Dialog,Accordion, tabs etc as a server side control. Webform developers can treat these controls like just another asp.net control. Pretty easy to implement and easy to setup (NuGet can make your job even easier). All you need to do is.

  • Create a Asp.net(4.0+) web application. (Do not create Empty web application for now.)
  • Right click on Project -> Manage Nuget Packages
  • Search for JuiceUI and click on install.
  • It will install all the javascript  related to Juice UI and theme files in Script and Content Folder.
  • It will also include JuiceUi.dll under bin directory which will provide ui controls.

It will also add an entry to web.config like below.

 <add assembly="JuiceUI" namespace="Juice" tagPrefix="juice" />
  • Then we need to include ScriptManager tag in the page (or master page itself)
  • Now we are ready to use the Juice control in your web page simply by the below code.
 <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="datesample"></asp:TextBox>
 <juice:Datepicker runat="server" TargetControlID="datesample" />

Please note that there is no need to refer those jquery js or css files in your page. All that is taken care by JuiceUI dll which is included in bin folder.
To explore all the controls available please visit the official site of Juice UI
Note: There is lot of development going on yet so if you find any issues please report it to Juice UI GitHub Repository .
I am really excited to see how far Juice UI goes and enriches Asp.Net webforms with interactive Jquery UI controls.
Hope it helps!


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I have 14 years of experience in enterprise software development,designing and leading team to provide reliable and scalable solutions for cloud and device ready businesses.

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