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Jquery event binding – jquery live api

Hi All,

Recently i faced an issue while developing a Asp.Net MVC3.0 application. On a link click i was trying to add new html to the existing DOM. For example on click of a link i was adding some new html tags to the existent DOM. Here is the code i wrote to make an ajax call on link click.

$(".editanchor").click(function () {

// set the attributes and call an action method

It all worked fine but strangely when i click the link next time nothing happens. Then i realized the mistake i made while binding the click event to a handler.

As per jquery documentation Live() method should be used to bind the event to a callback if we are modifying the DOM structure during our page reload (partial or full) so that it would retain the binding next time you click the link.

Live(event, handler) : Attaches an event handler for all elements which match the current selector, now and in the future.

so the correct way to bind an event to a handler in such condition would be

$(".editanchor").live('click', function () {

// set the attributes and call an action method

There are few performance considerations we should be aware of

  • Since all .live() events are attached at the document element, events take the longest and slowest possible path before they are handled.
  • jQuery attempts to retrieve the elements specified by the selector before calling the .live() method, which may be time-consuming on large documents.

EDIT: Here is the updated comparison of various flavors of binding an event.

$(selector).live(events, data, handler);                // jQuery 1.3+
$(document).delegate(selector, events, data, handler);  // jQuery 1.4.3+
$(document).on(events, selector, data, handler);        // jQuery 1.7+

I hope it helps.